In the past 20 years Jeppe Moulijn has become a very experienced conductor in the areas of Ballet, Opera, Symphonic and Educational concerts. In The Netherlands he conducted, among many other orchestras, Holland Symfonia, the Limburg Symphony and the Radio Symphony orchestra, and in Germany the Hagen Philharmonic and the Rheinland-Pfalz State Philharmonic  Orchestra. He was music director of the Dutch National Ballet. This summer he will make his debut with the Evegreen Symphony Orchestra in Taiwan with Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring

Anton Bruckner – Symphony 9 – Part I
UVA-Orkest J.PZN Sweelinck conducted by Jeppe Moulijn

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“I wanted to feel the same excitement, the same itch with new music as when I discovered a piece by, say, Ravel in my teens”

After the very turbulent 20th century, that may be described as an endless series of ‘style wars’, now, in the new century, composers seem to be more free than ever in choosing whatever means of expression they want to use. But Jeppe Moulijn studied composition in an environment where there was little or no understanding for his impassioned embracing of late romanticism and the early 20th century. But Moulijn’s development has not been standing still, and now he has left behind all ‘naivite’. He is a composer of our time.

Moulijn’s work may be described as expressive, rich in instrumental colour and detail. It is accessible, without ever striving consciously for it.

But every now and then his work touches on today’s issues, as in “MusiXbox”, a musical tale for children which tells the story of a boy who unexpectedly finds the key to his musical imagination in his computer games, or in “Ishmael and Isaac”, which tells the biblical story of the schism of the Jewish and Palestinian peoples.

“Composers have to learn to think from the musician’s point of view, as musicians should seek to ‘re-create’ as if they where the composer”

Moulijn’s work is very much shaped by his years of experience as a conductor. And with that comes a musical tradition reaching from Bach to the present day.

Moulijn wrote several works for voice and orchestra, concerto’s for violin and viola, as well as choral works. In recent years he has composed exclusively fulfilling commissions. Recently he wrote the compulsory work for the International Vocalist’s Competition in Den Bosch.

Jeppe Moulijn – Et Fit Lux

Jeppe Moulijn – Violin Concerto (2006) II. Intermezzo: Andantino misterioso

Jeppe Moulijn – Ishmael en Isaac

Jeppe Moulijn – Four Sea Poems (2007) – part 4: Aboard, at a ship’s helm

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As an arranger Jeppe Moulijn adapts himself easily to a variety of styles ranging from Heavy Metal to Christmas music. He is especially effective in translating these styles to the classical symphony orchestra. He has worked with renowned pop and jazz artists such as Mathilde Santing, Michiel Borstlap and Gospel legend Edwin Hawkins and orchestrated a rock opera by the progressive metal band Xystus for large symphony orchestra.

A special category is his work that hovers between composing and arranging. An example is Alice in Wonderland, written for the educational programs with RBO sinfonia. Traditional children’s song material is reworked into very colourful music in the vein of Hollywood composers John Williams or Jerry Goldsmith.

Ouverture bij het project Alice in Wonderland: 400 kinderen zingen samen met RBO sinfonia liedjes gekozen bij het verhaal van Lewis Carrol. In de ouverture (voor alleen het orkest) hoor je alvast Catootje, Greensleeves, The Camptown Races en Mitte Confitte. Feitelijk meer een eigen compositie dan een arrangement.

Cees Buddingh’s de Blauwbilgorgel, hier gekozen ter illustratie van Carrol’s rups met de waterpijp, en daarom dus zeer oosters gekruid…

Jingle Bells in een versie die associaties oproept met Korngold of John Williams, van de CD Christmas Music van violiste Charlotte Bon

De Ouverture van de Rock-opera Equilibrio van de progressieve metal band Xystus, met het Utrechts Studenten Concert.



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